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Education and Workshops

I’m passionate about what I do. I would love to share my knowledge and experience with your audience. 


Topics I Know A Thing or Two About

Some ideas of topics I have spoken to in the past. I can tailor a workshop or presentation to your group. 

Injury Prevention
Strength & Conditioning
Concussion Management
Inclusive Fitness & Para Sport
Mobility Training
Therapeutic Exercise

Hear what others say!

Sarah is awesome! Her explanations and teaching style are both wonderful and easy to understand.

RMT Student

I found the Sarah’s Adapted S&C course extremely helpful. It has expanded my capabilities and confidence when working with adaptive populations. I would encourage other fitness professionals to take this course so we can move away from saying “no” and be able to say “yes”

Course Participant

Sarah is a fantastic instructor and her confidence and knowledge in therapeutic exercise shine. I really enjoy her class. 

RMT Student