WheelWOD Open 17.2 Mobility Prep

WheelWOD Open 17.2 Mobility Prep

Hey WheelWOD community – Stouty promised #thosearegoingtosuck and I believe he delivered, but hopefully with a proper warm-up and some specific mobility prep they suck a little bit less 🙂

In the video below, Adaptive Athlete Loren and I go through some specific mobility drills to do prior to 17.2 to get your joints prepped and primed for a great performance! We’re using Functional Range Conditioning® concepts to increase range of motion and joint control and strength in the positions you are going to stress during this workout.

Stick to 30-50% tension in the movements to target the nervous system, while not going into fatigue.

Follow us on instagram @athletictherapyplus for more ideas and drills throughout the week!

Happy 17.2 – see you next week!


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