WheelWOD 17.3 Mobility Prep

WheelWOD 17.3 Mobility Prep

Hi WheelWOD Nation!

Hope you’ve recovered from 17.2 and ready to take on a new challenge!

With CTB pull-ups and snatches you really need to get that shoulder mobility prepped and primed. You might want to get after some t-spine mobility as well – a demo of this can be found in the Crossfit Open 17.2 Mobility Prep.

Check out the video for some mobility drills to improve that shoulder position overhead and help that last bit of range required for those CTB pull-ups. Apologies that I didn’t have a chance to film a second video this week but since the movements are the same whether you are doing the CF Open, WheelWOD Open, Scaled or Rx – all of these drills are going to benefit you!

Happy 17.3 and we’ll be back next week!


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