What is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic Therapy is for Everyone

You do not need to be a professional athlete to benefit from working with an Athletic Therapist. Athletic Therapists assess and treat all manner of musculoskeletal issues. Which means if you’ve injured a muscle, bone or joint or are active and want to avoid injuring your muscles, bones or joints, then seeing an Athletic Therapist may be just the thing for you.

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Employing a sport medicine model, Athletic Therapy includes assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and education. In fact, Athletic Therapy views patient education as a crucial cornerstone to a healthy and rapid recovery. Therapy can include exercises, learning how to prevent re-injury and even learning about lifestyle factors that can help you get back to doing what you love faster.

After assessing what is wrong, an Athletic Therapist will turn to a wide variety of rehabilitative techniques which might include soft tissue mobilization, physical reconditioning and supportive strapping to speed the healing.


Extended Health Benefits

The Athletic Therapy Association of BC has an outline of all the insurance companies that cover Athletic Therapy, but be sure to check your own personal plan first as individual coverage can vary. The ATABC also provides forms that you can fill out and send to your insurance company or human resources director to request to have athletic therapy added to your plan. You can download those here:

Request Coverage From Your Employer


Request Coverage From Your Insurance Company

Sports Team Insurance

Were you hurt while participating in an organized sport? Many recreational sports have insurance coverage for injuries – you could be covered under your sport organization. If you paid to play on the team, it may provide insurance.

If you are not covered by your association, the Canadian Athlete Insurance Program offers insurance to anyone who plays an organized sport. This is a fantastic program to supplement existing extended health plans or provide coverage for para medical services for those who do not have extended health benefits.

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