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Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say about my work:

After years of intense training and back surgery, my daily routine had to change to allow my body to recover and perform. Sarah was able to understand the need and complexity of my situation and provided guidance and treatment that allowed me to qualify and participate at my 3rd Olympic Games. This is a life and professional experience that I am confident she will be able to transfer to any individual she works with.

Julien Bahain

3x Olympian, Rowing

From day 1 on the job with RCA, Sarah became an integral part of the Rowing Canada team. She proved she was willing to work hard daily in an often stressful environment and effectively managed a wide range of athletic injuries, first aid treatment & overall team health including mobility and strength & conditioning.

Rob Gibson

3x Olympian, Rowing

I had the privilege of working with Sarah for 3 years as I prepared for the Rio Olympic Games. Sarah’s athletic background provided her with a deep insight into the of the demands of high performance sport. Her holistic approach emphasized longterm self-care, which she augmented with highly effective hands-on manual therapy that provided immediate relief. Sarah is an intelligent and intuitive healer who cared deeply about the well-being of everyone she worked with.

Will Dean

2x Olympian, Rowing

Sarah took her time to assess me, provided treatment in the first appointment and provided me a treatment plan via email. She was very knowledgeable about my injury and the cause, and took time to explain it. Highly recommend her to anyone struggling with an acute or recurring injury!

Sophie Austin

Sarah really set us both on the right track as a strength & conditioning coach during our Rio 2016 sailing campaign. She has a creative, can-do approach to adapting activities along with a detailed understanding of therapeutic exercise. Best of all she cares – about your body, your sport and your goals.

John McRoberts & Jackie Gay

Paralympic Silver Medalists, Sailing

Sarah has done more for me in a very short time than all the treatments I’ve had in the last 20 years. She has a good understanding of different disabilities and she has shown me ways to stay active in my various sports, especially in regard to preventing further injuries. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone needing to see an athletic therapist.

Bernice Wong

Sarah took her time to assess me, went above and beyond to find out what was causing my mobility issue and with her guided care and suggested exercised, I was back to lifting heavy (for me!), pain-free. Her knowledge of how he human body works is amazing and I love hearing her thought process! Will definitely be back for ‘maintenance’ care!

Valerie Uliana

I first saw Sarah during her Athletic Therapist training while she worked with the University of Victoria mens rowing team. Over the four years we worked together I found her to be patient, courteous, and knowledgeable. She was very good about taking the time to explain things in terms I understand as well as trying to explain why the she chose the exercises she did. Sarah’s wide range of experience and commitment to her clients put the “Plus” in Athletic Therapy Plus

Dean Puscek

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