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What is Athletic Therapy? My journey to becoming an Athletic Therapist

Not sure what Athletic Therapy is? Don’t worry, for awhile, I didn’t either! I was in my first year of college, playing varsity volleyball while pursing a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. I had always had an interest in both sports and the human body – being a kinesthetic learner, I wanted to learn by…
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Podcast: Rowing Injuries and Prevention Strategies

Prior to the Rio 2016 Olympics, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe D’Leo of Leo Training on his podcast to discuss Rowing Injuries and Prevention Strategies. We talked about dynamic warm-ups, mobility systems including Functional Range Conditioning, as well as working collaboratively as an Integrated Support Team. Here are a few of my favourites,…
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Optimize Performance Through Mobility Training – Functional Range Conditioning®

Do you have the required range of motion to not only maximize your performance in training and competition, but properly recover in between sessions, WHILE avoiding injury? Unfortunately, most of us don’t – we will find the range elsewhere by compensating. Whether it’s through our knee for poor ankle or hip mobility, our spine for…
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Crossfit Open 17.5 Mobility Prep

It’s the last week of the open and we have ourselves a classic-style couplet: thrusters and double unders. Although two relatively simple movements, at a relatively light weight for the thrusters, the combination and cumulative fatigue over 10 rounds can wreak havoc on your shoulders and forearms. Some specific prep work for your shoulders and wrists…
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WheelWOD Open 17.2 Mobility Prep

Hey WheelWOD community – Stouty promised #thosearegoingtosuck and I believe he delivered, but hopefully with a proper warm-up and some specific mobility prep they suck a little bit less 🙂 In the video below, Adaptive Athlete Loren and I go through some specific mobility drills to do prior to 17.2 to get your joints prepped…
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Crossfit Open 17.2 Mobility Prep

So 17.2 has been released and it’s another doozy! Take a look at the video below for full breakdown and demonstration of some mobility drills to get you prepped and primed to optimize your performance in 17.2 We’re using Functional Range Conditioning® concepts to teach the nervous system to own and control the range of…
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