Podcast: Rowing Injuries and Prevention Strategies

Podcast: Rowing Injuries and Prevention Strategies

Prior to the Rio 2016 Olympics, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe D’Leo of Leo Training on his podcast to discuss Rowing Injuries and Prevention Strategies. We talked about dynamic warm-ups, mobility systems including Functional Range Conditioning, as well as working collaboratively as an Integrated Support Team.

Here are a few of my favourites, in no particular order, featuring some names you’ve probably heard of:

Spine Hygiene for Rowers – Dr. Stuart McGill, World-Renowned Spine Researcher

Rib Injuries in Rowing – Dr. Jane Thornton, Sports Medicine Physician and Olympian

Training = Rehab – Charlie Weingroff, Physical Therapist, S&C Coach for Canadian Men’s Basketball Team

The Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint – Dean Somerset, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Kreek Speak – Adam Kreek, 2008 Olympic Champion – Rowing

Trust the Process, Not the Outcome – Tony Gentilcore, Co-Founder of Cressey Sports Performance



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