National Athletic Therapy Month – Functional Mobility Promo

National Athletic Therapy Month – Functional Mobility Promo

June is National Athletic Therapy Month, and to celebrate, Athletic Therapy Plus is offering a FREE Functional Mobility sample class to your sports team, club, or group. Regardless of sport or activity, we believe having proper joint mobility is crucial to performance in sport, work and life. Space is limited so contact us today to reserve your spot!

What is Functional Mobility?

This is not your average stretching class. In Functional Mobility, we utilize Functional Range Conditioning concepts and apply them to the positions and movements you need to own in your sport or activity. In this class, you will learn how to control your joints through mobility development, joint strength and body control to maximize your movement potential. This helps you get into positions easier, decreasing stress on joints and muscle tissue and helps to mitigate injuries.

Who would benefit from Functional Mobility?

The awesome thing about Functional Mobility is that it’s appropriate for everyone! Whether hyper-mobile, or extremely inflexible, we can individualize the mobility drills to suit you. Functional Mobility has helped individuals who have never been active before, desk workers, industrial athletes, pre- and post-surgical patients, weightlifters, crossfitters, rowers, soccer players, rugby players, dancers, yogi’s, the list goes on!

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