Crossfit Open 17.4 Mobility Prep

Crossfit Open 17.4 Mobility Prep

17.4 is 16.4 – Deadlifts, Wall Balls, Rowing and HSPU.

In this video we’re using Functional Range Conditioning concepts and applying them to the movements above to maximize your performance in 17.4

Deadlifts: although not heavy for some, it’s important to prime the nervous system to lift a moderate weight repeatedly. Using Isometric Holds we can get that posterior chain firing prior to the WOD without too much fatigue (I would still follow these with some deadlifts in your general warm-up). We also know as we fatigue, those deadlifts might not be your nicest deadlifts – by doing some training into a bit of flexion, we prime the system to tolerate that load. Make sure you work on that posterior chain extensibility – important for the deadlifts and rowing!

Wall Balls: Key here is to increase ease of movement into the bottom of the squat, increasing comfort and minimizing no reps. Open up those hips and get those ankles moving well (which will also transfer over into rowing and HSPU)!

Rowing: By then your heart rate and respiratory rate have increased and you just got to go! Work on some abdominal breathing prior to your general warm-up as it get’s hard to get full breaths at the catch! We also want to make sure that posterior chain extensibility and hip flexor strength is up to snuff so that you can get a good rock-over to utilize the hips through the drive. If we don’t achieve that position, our back and arms will take more load which will be detrimental as we transition into the HSPU.

HSPU: Get those wrists and shoulders primed so you can get into the position comfortably and not have to use extra energy to stabilize. Fire up that core and think about the engagement of the front of the shin to hit the movement standard. If you don’t have your HSPU – or you have a common sticking point – work some isometrics at 15 degree intervals.

Happy 17.4 – see you next week!


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