Crossfit Open 17.2 Mobility Prep

Crossfit Open 17.2 Mobility Prep

So 17.2 has been released and it’s another doozy!

Take a look at the video below for full breakdown and demonstration of some mobility drills to get you prepped and primed to optimize your performance in 17.2

We’re using Functional Range Conditioning® concepts to teach the nervous system to own and control the range of motion required to complete these movements (front rack DB walking lunges, toes-to-bar, DB power cleans and bar muscle ups). We talk about PAILS/RAILS (Progressive/Regressive Angular Isometric Loading) to increase the extensibility of the tissue under stretch (PAILS) and then strengthen the tissue that is required to hold that new position (RAILS).

In this workout I’d say it’s key to work that t-spine extension – in the video we get things moving using a peanut (two tennis balls taped) but then, it’s important to strengthen this position through our PAILS/RAILS contractions as demonstrated in the half kneeling position. By being able to maintain an upright torso in the walking lunges, we will avoid having to use our shoulders and grip strength as much which will come in handy when we hit the TTB and muscle ups!

For those who don’t have their TTB yet – follow the Toe Touch drills to make sure you have segmental mobility in your spine, posterior chain extensibility and strength in the regressive tissue to hold the position (hip flexors, trunk).

Have a look, prep your joints and feel free to connect if you have any questions!

Happy 17.2!


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