Athletic Therapy

REDEFINING injury care 

I’ll take the time to assess you and find the cause of your injury, provide effective hands-on treatment, and work with you to get you moving better. 



I take a holistic approach to your care. I’ll take an in-depth history of your injuries, health conditions and activities to help find the root of the injury.

Movement Assessment

I care about how you move. Do you compensate? Are you guarded? No bandaid approaches here – I’ll take a global look at how you move to see what may be contributing to your injury, pain or restricted movement

Joint Assessment

Once we determine which joints may be affected, I’ll take a closer look to tailor your treatment plan

Manual Therapy

Your treatment may include a variety of manual therapy techniques to calm the nervous system, encourage tissue change and prepare the body for progressive load.

Exercise Prescription

You’ll be provided with individualized exercises to reinforce the treatment your received to improve strength and mobility, getting you moving and results that last